Remove Latic Acid
Increase Range of Motion
Flush Toxins
Increase Oxygen
Decrease Swelling


Reduce Pain
Weight Loss
Stress Reduction
Reduce Downtime


Increase Stamina
Mental Focus
Athletic Performance
Improve Sleep
Increase Longevity

Common Questions

During a 2-3 minute session at cryogenic temperatures, blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissue contract, forcing blood away from your peripheral tissues and towards your core. In the core, the body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory properties in the blood.

After exiting the cryosauna, blood flows back to peripheral tissues. Now enriched with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes, your blood warms the skin, and muscle tissues, restoring the body to a better state.

Cryotherapy is most effective when a majority of the body’s skin is exposed to the cryogenic environment.

While in the cryosauna, we recommend wearing shorts (or underwear) and socks. We will provide slippers. Women may choose to wear a sports bra.

Like exercise and eating right, studies have shown cryotherapy to be most beneficial when done regularly over a period of time.

Athletic Performance/Recovery:
1 session before, and 1 session after intense activity.

3-5/ week

Weight Loss/Metabolism:
3-5/ week – each session can burn up to 600 calories.

1-2 times per week.

Nitrogen Gas:
Cryotherapy uses nitrogen gas to cool the skin. Because, each sessions maxes out at 3 minutes, there is no risk of hypothermia, or frost-bite. Nitrogen has no toxic or anesthetic properties. Our cryosauna lifts your head out of the chamber, ensuring the proper oxygen/nitrogen mix.

There are some very specific conditions that require a doctor’s release prior to therapy:

-Heart Attack (last 6 mos.)
-Heart Bypass/Valvular Disease (last 6 mos.)
-Congestive Heart Failure
-Intrathecal Pain Pump
-Electro Stimulation Implant
-Chronic or Acute Kidney Conditions

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